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About me:

I am a child of the 1950s, the heyday of Lionel trains.  Every kid had trains when I was a kid, and there was always a debate between the American Flyer kids and the Lionel kids – with me, Lionel won out.  Since 1900, Lionel trains have given children of all ages memories to hang onto.

In the 1950s my brother had a Lionel train set that my father would set up every year at Christmas.  It was fascinating to me, and in today’s world of tiny, accurately-scaled N-gauge and HO scale trains, the big O-gauge Lionel trains of the past are something unusual.  Lots of people had train sets in their attics or garages that deteriorated through temperature changes and the passage of time.

My brother went off to college five years before I did, and when he left he also left the trains behind.  They didn’t work very well, and so I took the engine apart, tightened everything up, cleaned and lubricated the motor, gears and wheels, learned how to replace a faulty barrel in the locomotive’s “E-unit,” and when I was done the train ran as well as it did when it was new.  The problem was that when my brother came HOME from college and saw how well the train ran, he suddenly remembered that they were his and took them away with him.  I never forgot the sound and look of Lionel trains, and decided to start collecting them.  Collecting trains from pre-WW2 to the present also means that you need to have things repaired or tuned up occasionally so that they run properly.  As my collection progressed, I realized that it wasn’t easy to find someone who knows how to work on Lionel trains in Phoenix, and it can get a bit expensive if you have a large collection, so I was forced to do a lot of repairs on my own.

As a result, I have become knowledgeable about these trains and what it takes to keep them running.   I have factory service manuals and materials from the days these trains were made, and access to the largest Lionel parts suppliers in the world.  My prices aren’t through the roof, and if you are not comfortable taking these pieces of toy history apart and want someone who knows how to keep your valued trains running, I offer my services.


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